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Romina is a marketing-driven web designer and social media genius. Every time we talk, she walks through the numbers on my business plan to track progress, then makes adjustments as needed. If you want a partner with a creative mind, who will help you reach your goals, Romina is the pro you need on your team. 

 - Michael A. Tate - 

Consultant, Coach and Author

Often say the difference between good and great is in the details. The only problem is I am a visionary that gets annoyed with details, yet I know that getting the small things right matter. That is exactly why I am a big believer in surrounding myself with people like Romina Muhametaj. Do yourself a favor and bring her onto your team or hire for your project. You owe it to yourself to have someone brilliant and who has a great passion for the work.

- Ryan Mathews -

K9 Mentalist, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Romina is an award-winning, engaging, and warm-hearted connector of people. Whether on her podcast, managing a complex process or event, or driving a hard bargain, Romina brings people together for success. And she does it in her second language! I recommend Romina for any task or project that requires hard work and talent/resource management.

- Dan Oblinger -

Hostage Negotiator, Business Negotiation Consultant and Coach 

Outstanding from host to production. Romina is heads to shoulders ahead of her competition. When I have a client that's ready to expand their influence and start a podcast Romina is my go-to. Her years of experience with pre & post-production make her the perfect choice. An absolute asset to any team. 

- Andrea Warren -

Publicist and Business Strategist

What I liked best about Romina is her wealth of knowledge when it comes to navigating options and opportunities on the internet for reaching target audiences and promoting messages and books. It can be overwhelming, so having her as an expert to help you prioritize and then actualize is more than a service; it’s a gift. I add to that Romina’s efficiency, clarity and friendliness make her a pleasure to work with.

- Tim Ward -

Publisher and Author

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