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Michael Alan Tate 

President at On The Same Page Consulting

Romina is a marketing-driven web designer and social media genius. Her attention to detail and ability to execute at lightning speed still astounds me. I initially hired her to build my website. Her first question was, "what are your business goals? Her second question "Who is your target client? Not what do you want your website to look like? Every time we talk, she walks through the numbers on my business plan to track progress, then makes adjustments as needed . If you want a partner with a creative mind, who will help you reach your goals, Romina is the pro you need on your team.

Ryan Mathews 

K-9 Mentalist I Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer I Leadership Development I Dog Trainer I U.S. Army Combat Veteran

I often say the difference between good and great is in the details. The only problem is I am a visionary that gets annoyed with details, yet I know that getting the small things right matter. That is exactly why I am a big believer in surrounding myself with people like Romina Muhametaj. I have not met anyone with as much care, attention to detail and precision in their craft as Romina. Her talents and skills are so valuable to not just visionaries but anyone that is so far in their business that sometimes they cannot see the obvious things. Romina takes such pride in her work she notices everything and has the intellect to share why certain things are important.


Her insight was invaluable for the building of my new DIY Dog Training School. She took the time to watch all the videos and in a thoughtful way shared what was great and what needed some work (improvement). I really appreciate her caring about the project as much as I do and it shows in all that she shares in her very thorough approach. Do yourself a favor and bring her onto your team or hire for your project. You owe it to yourself to have someone brilliant and who has great passion for the work. I'm looking forward to the future success you experience once you bring her on board. 

Dan Oblinger

Hostage Negotiator, Business Negotiation Consultant and Coach

Romina is an award-winning, engaging, and warm-hearted connector of people. Whether on her podcast, managing a complex process or event, or driving a hard bargain, Romina brings people together for success. And she does it in her second language! I recommend Romina for any task or project that requires hard work and talent/resource management

Therese W.  Gamble, E.MBA M.Ed


There are not enough words that can express, describe or explain how amazing this Transformational Woman. Romina has a way to help navigate through mental emotions in how we live, work, play and conduct business that one would not know that our emotions impacts our mindset more than we think. Romina not only helps to peel back the layers to help you confront, deal with, and strategize how to reverse emotions from stagnation to elevation to have clarity, focus, and innovation holistically to ensure our mindset head space is not driven by emotions but by the value you bring to any situation. I highly recommend Romina Muhametaj to help with your executive leadership strategies where you can lead your team, company and organization effectively

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